The Team


Annabel Essink

Writer / Director

I believe something does not need to have happened to be true. As an art historian, I’ve seen many truths being written and rewritten. I came to love stories that carry truthfulness rather than truths. Many classic tales do the opposite: they give absolutes, good opposes evil, male versus female. Contemporary cinema has the beautiful opportunity to use this arena of absoluteness and reinvent the rules.


Freek Zonderland

Creative Producer / Cinematographer

For me, cinema is the whole
Arsenal of Arts in one - a powerful yet fragile canvas to paint on.
I love to kidnap people to an emotional truth.
Taking them on our journey for just a brief moment.
To surpass any notion of fiction or reality.

Freek Zonderland
Creative Producer / Cinematographer

Showreel Freek

Besma Ayari Producer

Joost Kelderman Technical Producer



Blunt Cinema

Horse Creatives

Chiel Christiaans Creatives

Cosmic Orchestra / Cosmic Sound & Music